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K1EVO Complete Chassis Update Kit

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Update your exixsting WCM K1e chassis to the latest spec with the complete K1EVO Chassis update kit.  This all inclusive kit comes with everything you need to increase overall grip, maximize steering response, and forward drive.  In our testing we noticed that this kit makes the car easier to drive, more stable and is easier on tires.  The WCM factory team worked tirelessy for the last 2 years testing and protoyping before we were happy with the final result. All parts are expertly CNC machined from the best materials for strength and lightness.  Not only will this kit transform how your car handles, but the new parts also look better as well.  

The update kit comes with the following:

1x EVO178 Right side trailing arm offset spacer

1x EVO165 Right side trailing arm

1x EVO164 Left side trailing arm

1x EVO216 Dog bone

1x L401 Right rear upper radius rod

1x L402 Right rear lower radius rod

2x EVO210 Bearing carriers

2x EVO135 Right rear axle spacers

1x MKS118 Tall right rear outer standoff

1x MKS119 Short right rear outer standoff

1x K213 Left rear lower shock mount

1x EVO305 Front roll center spacer

2x K304 Front upper A-arms V2

1x K301 Front upper mounting plate V2

1x HW202 Right side trailing arm bolt

2x EVO217 Lightweight front hubs

2x EVO202 Front upright housings

2x EVO203 Steering arms

3x EVO103 Tall upright standoff

1x EVO103A Short upright standoff

4x X122 8x16x5 bearings

4x SP300 8mm x 1/8" Axle spacers

2x SP201 3/16 ID x 1/4 bump steer spacers

1x SP400 1/4 ID x 5/32 left front offset spacer

1x SP401 1/4 ID x 1/4 right front offset spacer

2x HW100 8mm front axle

2x HW101 Front axle nut

And other needed hardware.

This kit does not come with anyting not stated or otherwise non listed items.