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WCM K1evo DRX Shock End Kit

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WCM K1evo DRX Shock End Kit

Utilizing WCM Racing’s new DRX-516 and DRX-510 shock ends, made with red anodized 7075 aircraft aluminum housings and a precision machined delrin ball, this is the complete kit to adapt proper shock ends to your WCM Evo car. Specially designed for the shortest length possible to maximize the range of adjustment on the car. This kit is designed to utilize the stock 6-32 front upper and lower pickup points while converting the rear to all 10-32 bolts. 

Comes with the following:

4x 10-32 x 6-32 shock ends

4x 10-32 x 10-32 shock ends

2x 10-32 x 10-32 upper shock mounts  

1x 10-32 x 10-32 left rear lower shock mount

 1x Lower right rear spacer  

All necessary hardware shown