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WCM Racing Storm HD Body

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WCM Racing Storm HD Body

WCM Racing is proud to offer our entirely new body for QSAC competition. Designed with more modern lines to more closely resemble current cup cars. This body buck was hand carved by Lance Jones and molded for vaccum forming by Chris and Mark of WCM.

Not only will you get the most modern body available, but each body will come with a spoiler included in the price.


We have revised our shipping for bodies...

  -Order 1-2 bodies and pay $45 flat rate for UPS at check out*.

  -Order 3-5 bodies and UPS shipping is FREE!!*

** Note: Please do not adjust the "QTY" drop down quantity; select quantity to order from the "Number of Bodies" drop down.**

*Shipping charges will still apply to other items purchased with bodies.