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WCM Racing WS-007hv Servo

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WCM Racing is proud to offer the WS-007hv servo. This servo will out rank any servo in its class for performance, quality and price. This high torque, Brushless, digital, metal gear, ball bearing all aluminum case servo is the powerhouse you need in your car this season. These units are race proven to handle the rigors of quarter scale racing. 

WS-007hv Specs:

Motor: Brushless
Gear Train: All metal
Output Spline: Standard 25 tooth (Futaba)
Dead Band/ Frequency: 1µs 1520µs / 300hz
Operating speed: .09sec-60º @ 6.0 volts/ .07sec-60º @ 8.4 volts
Stall Torque: 354.96 oz/in @ 6.0 volts/ 460.18 oz/in @ 8.4 volts
Dimensions: 1.59” x .807” x 1.377” (Standard Size)
Recommended Voltage: 2cell Li-Po (8.4volts) max
All Aluminum CNC Case
Water Resistant O-ring Seals
Dual Ball Bearing

Now WCM Racing is the answer when someone asks you what servos to run in their 1/4 scale car.