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WCM Racing's Storm HD Is Now Available For Purchase!

WCM Racing's Storm HD Is Now Available For Purchase!

The Storm HD is finally here, in stock and ready to ship.  Order yours today to get the most modern looking quarter scale body available. Each body will come with specially cut window masks as well as a spoiler.  No extras to buy!  For a limited time only, we are running an early adopter sale, you can get this whole package for $110!!


Get yours, for they will go fast!

See you at the track,


Introducing WCM Racing's 2017 StormHD Sportsman Body

Introducing WCM Racing's 2017 StormHD Sportsman Body

Well. I'm just gonna get right to the point. Here it is: WCM Racing's 2017 StormHD. Designed with more modern lines to more closely resemble current cup cars. This body buck was hand carved by Lance Jones and molded for vaccum forming by Chris and Mark. This project has been in the works for 2 years and we are very excited. I can assure you these pics do this body no justice. I'm not much of a photographer and not much of a painter, but this body looks great, curvy in the right spots, sharp and flat where it matters. We will be posting more pics soon.

This body was QSAC approved for all competition 4/9/2017.

Stay tuned to www.wcmracing.com for availability and pricing info.

2017 K1EVO "Racer's Special" Chassis Package

2017 K1EVO "Racer's Special" Chassis Package

2017 K1EVO "Racer's Special" Chassis Package

The 2017 K1EVO car represents the finest in 1/4 scale engineering and development. This is no longer your grandfather's WCM car.   We have updated all the geometry to maximize forward drive, mid corner speed and overall steering response.  Our machining quality is second to none, with parts that look great and perform even better.  Our cars now offer even more adjustments to fine tune to your driving style and track.

Our Racer's Special comes with the following:

- All 6061 and 7075 aircraft aluminum components

- 4130 Chrome-moly chassis construction

- New front lower plate braces

- Lightened 1/4" thick forward trailing arm mounts

- Comes standard with industry leading DRX Damper system and complete spring kit

- Full EVO suspension package standard

- Full clutch assembly with housing

- Stand-up engine mount standard 

- Lightweight Delrin drive cups

- EVO Ball bearing steering rack

- Lightweight 7075 axles

- Complete fuel system with fuel receiver with low CG mount

- Comes standard with high quality steel rod ends

- New version plastic rod ends on shocks and steering

- All servo mounts and control cables for throttle and brake

- Water jet cut 20lb density foam bumpers

- Water jet cut lightweight bumper channels

- WCM universal body post kit

- All hardware

- Lightweight aluminum wheel nuts

- New one piece front uprights with multiple steering axis inclination adjustments

- Kimbrough HD servo savers

- Your choice of body

**The Racer's Special does not come with tires, engine, electronics or gears.**

**All cars shipped in "assembled kit" form, yes its assembled, but will need "built for racing"

**Engine side clutch housing for display purposes only**

Internet orders are welcome, but we recommend that you reach out to us for lead times and other options. Email chogue@wcmracing.com with questions.



We now have 2017 K1EVO chassis in stock. We pulled the trigger on a big run of them to keep up with demand, but they will go fast.  Get yours and take advantage of all the latest updates and quality construction.

- 4130 Chrome moly tubing

- Water jet cut engine and suspension mounting plates

- New lower front suspension plate braces

- 1/4" thick forward trailing arm mounts with lightning holes and longer slot

- Rear anti-roll bar position for better weight distribution

- Optimized flex characteristics for maximum forward drive

- Widened engine compartment for easier engine changes and clutch clearance

Only available in satin black.

Contact us for unpainted chassis availability: Chogue@wcmracing.com


Mere moments ago we received the last piece of the puzzle from the machine shop.  We have EVO kits in stock and ready to ship.  Get your WCM car on track with the latest suspension geometry we have to offer!

A Few Items I Forgot Have Been Added

A Few Items I Forgot Have Been Added

Well, I forgot a few things...  The new website was a monumental project and in the chaos I forgot a few products. I have added the WCM Personal Lap Timer as Well As the WCM Tach to the online store.  Im sure there will be more things brought to my attention and I will get them added too.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.


NEW EVO 1 Piece Front Upright

NEW EVO 1 Piece Front Upright

WCM Racing is now offering a 1 piece front upright to replace the 2 piece design.  After hearing from some of our racers we decided this is a better design for strength and durability.  The new EVO204 will supersede the EVO203 and EVO202.  This new part will come standard in all EVO update kits, EVO Front upright kit as well as new cars.


All New WCMRacing.com is now Live!

All New WCMRacing.com is now Live!

After months of grinding and starring at a computer, we are proud to release our totally new website.  Our goal was to make for an easier shopping experience all while supplying our customers with the information the require to be successful with WCM cars and parts. Everything we currently sell is listed with parts and descriptions in an easy to navigate menu system with an excellent search function to find what you are looking for. Check out should be easier as we take all forms of credit cards as well as Paypal. You can now also get shipping estimates on a couple different carriers to find the method that works best for you.  The new system will also keep real time track of our inventory so if the website says the part is in stock.... we actually have it and can get it to you in a timely fashion. Communication will be at an all time high as you will be notified by email throughout the ordering process so you will always know where your order stands. Stay tuned to our blog/ news section as we will be posting new parts, technical bulletins and how to's. We at WCM are excited about this next leap for our business.  We hope you find this website as a valuable tool for your racing needs.

See you at the track,


Lightweight Front and Rear Bumper Channels Are Back In Stock

Lightweight Front and Rear Bumper Channels Are Back In Stock
Once we went live with these new units they disappeared off of our shelves faster than we could have expected.  We upped production of these and have plenty of them in stock and ready to ship.  These channels are a great way to easily and cost effectively shed nearly a pound off of your car and saves you work drilling and mounting the bumpers and body posts.  Get yours at www.wcmracing.com today