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WCM Racing Shipping Delays

Due to serious illness in the family, WCM Racing is experiencing delays processing some orders. We are doing our best to balance everything and get orders out as quickly as possible, but family first. Feel free to place orders, we just ask for your understanding and patience.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause; we are doing our best through this challenging time. If have questions about the status of your order, feel free to email me at chogue@wcmracing.com and I will get back with you as soon as I’m able. 

Thank you 




WCM Racing is now proud to offer Fast Eddy Bearings to our racers. Fast Eddy is a major player in the RC bearing industry, selling quality bearings at great prices. Going forward all bearings that WCM sells and includes in our cars will be from Fast Eddy! We will be updating our inventory and descriptions on the website very soon as we get new products in.  We also look forward to selling our first complete, single part number bearing kit for K1-Evo cars. Stay tuned for updates!


WCM Racing is now a PT Racing Shock Oil Distributor

WCM Racing is now a PT Racing Shock Oil Distributor

WCM Racing is now proud to offer PT Racing Shock oils.  This is the finest silicone oil you can buy for your RC shocks, it is the perfect match to your DRX damper system. In our testing this oil hold up better and doesn't break down as fast as other brands.  Sold In 4 oz bottles (twice as much as other brands)

PT RC Racing is one of the most accurate and consistent silicone oils in the radio control industry, trusted and race proven by many pro drivers at the highest level of rc racing. Each and every one of our viscosity numbers are carefully made and certified. We are dedicated to manufacturing, distributing and retailing of shock and differential oils for the Remote Control Car Racing Industry and enthusiast.


The WCM Racing StormHD Body Is Back In Stock!

The multiple championship winning WCM Storm HD body is back in stock!

We have also addressed some of the flaring issues that were reported on previous runs and we believe these to be some of the best pulls yet.



WCM Customers: We are going on our first vacation in years, so there will be no shipping this week. We will resume normal operations when we return March 12th. Please feel free to place orders on the website, but do keep in mind that nothing will ship until the following week.

If you currently have an order in, it will be shipped out before we leave.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but WE NEED A VACATION!



TECH BULLETIN: Just an FYI to new StormHD body owners.. The factory that pulled them used a water based mold release that you may be able to see and feel on the inside of the body. It is very important that you rinse out the body with water and your favorite dish washing liquid before paint so that it will adhere properly. We also recommend scuffing it with Scotchbrite or a fine sandpaper for maximum stick and then rinsing again. I am sure most of you already do this, but we just wanted to make sure!


The StormHD is Back!!!

The StormHD is Back!!!

We are happy to announce the arrival of WCM Racing's Storm body. After about everything that can go wrong in the vacuum forming process, we finally got it and we believe these are the best parts yet! This initial run is somewhat limited, so they will be sold on a first come first serve basis on the website only with a limit of 1 per customer.

In a further effort to keep it fair as can be, this post serves as advanced notice that they will be for sale on the website starting on Thursday Feb 1 @ 7:00 pm EST. Be quick on the button, they will go fast!

Fear not though, if you miss out on this run, the next batch is already in the pipeline...

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from all of us at WCM Racing! We are looking forward to a great 2018! 2017 was a good year for us both on track and on the books. We have sold many cars, parts and helped quite a few new racers join the great sport of quarter scale. Most of all though, we made new friends and had fun doing what we love. We hope to continue that trend in 2018!

On a personal note, bringing in a new year always represents new beginnings, and from time to time a new begining is exactly what is needed. This past year I have been pretty quiet, online and at the track, but I am looking forward to changing that. WCM is not some large corporation, but is a little company run by a father and son as a labor of love and sometimes its a lot to handle. We do the best we can balancing everything, but sometimes its just not enough, so for that I apologize. I have a loving and supportive wife with a very demanding schedule of her own and a 2 year old boy that keeps us on our toes. Frankly, they are and will always be my first priority. I also work a full time job and have been dealing with some health issues this past year, so 2017 has been a year of learning, patience and balance. We are all always learning and growing and WCM is no different. I intend to learn from this past year and grow as a person and as a company.

In other news, I feel that a little explanation of doing business with WCM is an order. First of all, we are an internet company. Aside from track support, our entire infrastructure is designed around our website and all orders must be processed through the site to keep our books straight. We sometimes get people that say they don't do the internets... well I assure you that if you can use Facebook, you can use our website and help is always an email or text away. Which brings me to my next point, the phone.... yes its obvious that we are very hard to get on the phone, hell we have even had other manufacturers make fun of us for it (yes we know about that), but the fact of the matter is that since WCM is not our full time job, we have to make concessions and balance our time. If we were to take every call that people make or want to make, it is all we would do, nothing would get done. I have oft heard that we are impossible to get ahold of because we don't answer the phone... that is simply not true, in fact there are more methods to contact us than ever before. We are quite responsive to Facebook messages, email, my personal Facebook profile, text messages, smoke signals etc. So if you say you can't get ahold of us, well you simply aren't trying the preferred methods. When you do message us too, please remember that its me on the other end.... not some corporate response center, but me, a person, with feelings, who is doing the best he can. So long story short, email or text with questions, be nice, place your orders on the website and all is good.

The Storm..... I get multiple messages, calls, emails and texts daily about the Storm body and its status. I have even had people spew hate over a toy car body, which though unappreciated, it is understandable for the Storm is the best looking body out there and man does it work well. Long story short, we have encountered about every problem that one could in the production process, but we don't have any quit in us. I'm sure some of you have heard rumors, or even started your own, but the Storm body is not going away an it will be back in time for the season. We have taken the mold process to the next level and hope to have the best parts yet. The last update we got from the factory is that production should start later this month. If the parts meet our standards we will be making announcements on all of our platforms as soon as we have them ready to ship. They will be sold on the website on a first come first serve basis.

New stuff, or gimmicks if you are so inclined... We at WCM love innovation and new parts. Last we checked we were racing and racing breeds innovation. We are constantly talking to our racers and thinking about how to improve our cars. I was pretty quiet with new stuff last year, but we have some new designs and things to try for 2018 and I am looking forward to it. And please remember that anytime you order a car from WCM it comes with the latest and greatest we have to offer.... Ahem, no upgrades required as some might like to think.

Out of stock items... We are working hard to restock items that we are out of. As with anything production takes time and the quality that you have come to expect from WCM takes even longer. Will will be making posts and announcements on our blog and Facebook as things come in.

So if you have been kind enough to make it all the way to the bottom of the epic post... We are going to run a Gimmick Sale this week to celebrate the new year and new beginnings. for one week starting today, we will be offering our most popular gimmick, the DRX Damper System for $275, that is $25 off of normal retail! and the EVO update kit for $450 that is $50 off normal retail! Just for good measure, we will also be offering FREE USPS flat rate shipping to anywhere in the CONUS. Just enter FREESHIP2018 in the coupon code line at check out. This sale runs up to January 9th so get the industry leading gimmicks at a great price while you can!

Thanks for reading,
Chris Hogue
WCM Racing

WCM Racing's Official Response to Knock-Off WCM Parts Now On The Market

We at WCM would like to put this all to bed. Our formal position on this is that we do not care if Freddie wants to make parts for or cars. It is a free market. We build a shock system that works on his cars and is considered by many to be a superior product.  Many companies make alternate parts for other scale cars and this is no different. We would have preferred that he not do this for the obvious reasons, but he has chosen to do so. I would like to address the comments about parts availability and quality though. WCM does now and has for a long time had a full stock of parts redly available to anyone that can use the website. We are, essentially, a web based company. Sometimes, like all manufacturers, including Freddie, parts are out of stock due to production demands. We are sorry if that has happened to you. But to say we do not respond to our customers needs is simply incorrect. We do our very best to look after our customers, not only from a parts availability stand point but at the track assistance. Chris, in particular, spends a great deal of every race weekend with other peoples cars on our set up pad. We fully share all of our set up information with all of our customers. The results of new guys running well is proof to that.  We have two legitament regional dealers that supply at track parts for our cars as well. One (Ken Leiker Motorsports) also has a significant web presence and a large inventory of basic parts. So if you cannot find a real WCM part, we have a hard time understanding that.

As to quality and materials choices, We use the materials that we deem best suited for each application, sometimes that is 7075, sometimes it is 6061. We use the highest quality raw materials, and have our parts made by a number of racing related machine shops who understand the quality and tolerances expected in serious racing.   We will gladly put all of our parts up against anyone as to machine quality and tolerance. We do, however, make a mistake every once in a while, and then we stand behind our parts and replace them free of charge.  We will continue to stand behind our customers, help them in every way possible, support and sponsor QSAC and many other local tracks across the country, but we cannot and will not be able to warranty or service any part not made or supplied buy us.  If you choose to buy knock off parts that is your choice, but we will not support them or promise they will work for you.                                                                                                                   As we previously said we are not angry at Freddie for doing what he feels is right for his business, we wish him well in his endeavors regardless of how misguided they may seem to some. He has his reasons, we disagree with some of them, but it is a free market. This is not the first time or the last that Freddie and us will agree to disagree. That does not mean we do not respect each other and have a good relationship.  All that being said we at WCM value a good relationship with all of our competitors, and will continue to offer any help or assistance to any of them that we can. This is simply good for the sport.  We will continue to offer innovative products and work to develop existing ones.  The sport is growing, slowly, but growing none the less. There is no place for pissing contests.                                                                Sincerely  Mark Hogue, WCM Racing

A Couple New Parts From WCM Racing

We just got in the all new K178 trailing arm spacer.  Yes, it's just a spacer, but now it matches the EVO178 used on the right side. it always drove me nuts that right and left spacers didn't match in design and material; we fixed that.  The new spacer has a wider foot print and is made out of 7075 aircraft aluminum, for an overall stronger assembly.

We now also have in stock the DRX Black-Ops short spring adapter. This is simply a Delrin sleeve that has the spring retainer groove machined into it.  Now you can have all the advantages of the short springs with the race proven DRX Damper System.

Stay tuned for some more new parts announcements soon!