WCM Racing

About us

WCM Racing is owned, operated and maintained by father and son, Mark and Chris Hogue.  We are just a few crazies that are passionate about toy car racing.  We have been heavily involved in the RC hobby for nearly 30 years. Racing everything from carpet cars to off-road and even flying planes and helicopters. About 11 years ago we were bitten by the quarter scale bug... and bitten hard.  We started racing quarter scale in 2010 when Mark bought out a former racer to the tune of a truck load (literally) of old WCM cars and parts. As we progressed in our racing and learned the sport, we had a need for parts and supplies. They were hard to get.  WCM at the time was owned by Rick Binniker, who is often credited with being one of the pioneers of quarter scale.  We reached out to Rick in an effort to get cars and parts, but learned that he was no longer making anything.  We knew we wanted to race and we wanted to run WCMs so, after a bit of head scratching, We decided to approach Rick about buying WCM, next thing you know, we are heading down to Texas with trailer in tow to pick up our new toy car company.... and the rest is history.

We knew we had our work cut out for us in rebuilding one of the oldest and most respected brands in quarter scale. Many people, even said that we are crazy (which is true) and that WCM was dead; we didn't listen.  Using our groups diverse knowledge base, we immediately went to work on improving our cars on track performance, quality of parts and most of all, availability to anyone in a timely fashion.  We continually strive to innovate and improve our products and the sport of quarter scale racing as a whole.

A Bit About Our Team:

Mark Hogue: Owner, CEO, Director of Marketing

Mark Hogue started his lifelong love affair with racing when in 1966 he started racing sprint Go Karts at the legendary Whiteland Raceway. Growing up in Greenfield, Indiana, the home of Comet Kart Sales, the largest Kart shop in the world. Mark was welcomed by the Dismore family and became part of the team of guys that raced from that shop. Many notable drivers came out of that group, Mark Dismore, Le Mans winner, Rolex 24 winner, Indy Car driver, and many, many time Kart World Champion, Tony Stewart, Nascar and USAC champion, the Andretti guys, and many others. Mark was not one of them... but did ok. As that group of guys pursued their professional racing Mark pursued his other passion, Live Entertainment. Mark became one of the top production professionals in Live Music, working with the likes of Chicago, Aerosmith, Poison, The Moody Blues, Matchbox Twenty, Bob Seger, and many others in a 40 plus year career as a Sound engineer, and Production/Tour Manager, audio manufacturer consultant, and promoter consultant. Organizing and managing global tours.  All the while keeping his passion for racing alive when possible. Returning to Sprint and Enduro Karting in 1983 and then progressing to SCCA Formula Vee and then Formula Ford 2000. Mark has been a spotter for a number of Indy Car teams,  driving school instructor, FIA race official, and a passionate RC Car racer for over 30 years when Chris dragged him kicking and screaming into a passion that has led to WCM

Chris Hogue: Owner, Technical Director, Head Engineer, Web Guy and Order Filler.  

Chris was hooked on RC racing from the time he was 7 years old, when his father brought back his first RC car from japan, a Tamiya Striker.  He has been racing all types of RC cars for nearly 30 years.  Not only was RC a passion but full scale racing was too.  He grew up working on his fathers formula cars and go karts and raced a bit himself. At the ripe old age of 19 he decided to take his passion for racing and make a living out of it. For the next 15 years, Chris worked on Indycars and prototype sportscars as a mechanic and crew chief, traveling all over the world.  The engineering aspects of racing and what makes race cars fast always intrigued him and he brings that knowledge to WCM.  Recently, Chris retired from the fast paced world of professional motorsports to be home with his new family and to focus on WCM.