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2021 K1EVO2 "Racer's Special" Chassis Kit -

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2021 K1EVO "Racer's Special" Chassis Package

The 2021 K1EVO car represents the finest in 1/4 scale engineering and development. This is no longer your grandfather's WCM car.   We have updated all the geometry to maximize forward drive, mid corner speed and overall steering response.  Our machining quality is second to none, with parts that look great and perform even better.  Our cars now offer even more adjustments to fine tune to your driving style and track.

Our Racer's Special comes with the following:

- All 6061 and 7075 aircraft aluminum components

- 4130 Chrome-moly chassis construction

- New front lower plate braces

- Lightened 1/4" thick forward trailing arm mounts

- Comes standard with industry leading DRX Damper system and complete spring kit

- Full EVO suspension package standard

- Lightweight clutch housing

- Lightweight Delrin drive cups

- EVO Ball bearing steering rack

- Lightweight 7075 axles

- Complete fuel system with fuel receiver with low CG mount

- Comes standard with high quality steel rod ends

- New version plastic rod ends on shocks and steering

- All servo mounts and control cables for throttle and brake

- Water jet cut 20lb density foam bumpers

- Water jet cut lightweight bumper channels

- WCM universal body post kit

- All hardware

- Lightweight aluminum wheel nuts

- New one piece front uprights with multiple steering axis inclination adjustments

- Kimbrough HD servo savers

- Your choice of body

**The Racer's Special does not come with tires, engine, electronics or gears.**

**All cars shipped in "assembled kit" form, yes its assembled, but will need "built for racing"

**Engine side clutch housing for display purposes only**

Cars are in stock, but please reach out prior to ordering. Contact chogue@wcmracing.com for details and lead times.