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The $75 Left Side Bumper

WCM Racing

SKU: EVO-075


The $75Left Side Bumper

Yes, this is a $75 left side bumper for an RC car. Why is it $75? It was expensive to make, no other reason.

This bumper is designed to optimize the left side weight bias of a WCM EVO car. It weighs in at a whopping 2.6lbs.  This bumper coupled with a conscientious build in regard to weight savings can yield very high left side percentages.  The bumper itself is made from solid 1/4" thick, water jet cut, 304 stainless steel. The plate is bolted to to CNC machined 6061 aluminum brackets via rubber isolation mounts to dampen vibration as well as provide a bit of cushion in an impact.

The installed picture is the prototype that competed last year with great success. To achieve maximum left side weight bias, it is recommended that your electronics are mounted to the bumper as shown.  Extra weight plates not included and to be available at a later date.

****It goes without saying that hanging this much weight off of the side of your chassis can pose a risk to your frame itself in a severe impact.  The user assumes all liability for any damages.****