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EVO Ball Bearing Steering Rack Kit

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EVO Ball Bearing Steering Rack Kit

By customer demand we have hopped on the ball bearing steering rack bandwagon.  For quite soemtime now our racers have asked us when we are going to come up with a ball bearing rack for our cars.... We caved... Is this our idea? NO. Is it our design? Kinda, but it was specifically designed to fit our cars using race proven technology.  Feelings may be hurt, but we at WCM Racing want the best products for our racers, regardless where the idea came from.  We have to keep up with the Jones'! This rack is a vast improvement over the old delrin rack and slider.  Our hats off to whomever originally came up with this concept.  It's simple, elagant and oh so smooth with miminal effort. Gone are the days of filing and massaging the delrin housing to make your rack smooth, now just set the tension nuts and go!  This setup also includes an 1/8" rack stop pin hole that allows you to pin the rack bar to the servo plate on center for easy squareing of your front toe.

This assembly come with all parts to install this into your K1e series car.


-6061 aircraft aluminum servo plate

-7075 aircraft aluminum rack bar

- 2 Ball bearings.

- 2 teflon slider washers

- 2 Mil-spec jet tension nuts

- 2 Specially machined 10-32 bolts.