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2021 EVO2 Upper A-Arm

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2021 EVO2 Upper A-Arm

This is the new 2021 EVO2 variant of the upper A-arm. It was time for another run of these so we took the opportunity to make a few tweaks. We opened up the inside a bit for more shock clearance and widened where the pivot block goes to allow for the use of the included plastic shims. These shims allow you to adjust for more castor range or lead. 

 This part has the resource for the second pivot position for use with the EVO2 adapter plates EVO227L and EVO227R.

-Bigger inside for more shock clearance

-One part for both roll center positions 

-Now uses shims between the pivot block for greater caster range and lead adjustment

-Comes with required 3 plastic shims  

**This part is backwards compatible with all version of K1e chassis**