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EVO Front Upright Kit

WCM Racing


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This kit is the lateset in what WCM racing has to offer for the front end of the K1E line of chassis.  With this kit you have an array of adjustments including 3 different options of steering axis inclination.

 Complete Kit Comes With The Following:

2x EVO217 Lightweight front hubs

2x EVO204 1Piece front upright housings 

3x EVO103 Tall upright standoff

1x EVO103A Short upright standoff

4x X122 8x16x5 bearings

4x SP300 8mm x 1/8" Axle spacers

2x SP201 3/16 ID x 1/4 bump steer spacers

1x SP400 1/4 ID x 5/32 left front offset spacer

1x SP401 1/4 ID x 1/4 right front offset spacer

2x HW100 8mm front axle

2x HW101 Front axle nut

And all needed hardware