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EVO2 Front Suspension Update Kit

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EVO2 Suspension Update Kit

This kit represents the latest engineering advancements for the K1e series of cars. With multiple championships wins in its testing season, including the QSAC Nationals as well as the Interstate Racing Series, these parts will help you get the most of your WCM K1Evo Sportsman or ECM car.  The revised suspension geometry greatly increases front end response, which helps to balance out the inherent tightness of the EVO car, substantially increasing mid-corner speeds.

The EVO2 kit also allows for a greater range of adjustability, with the ability to run the EVO2 geometry as well as the standard EVO geometry all with the same parts.

This kit is designed to build off of the existing EVO platform.

The EVO2 Kit come with the following parts:

-2x Upper A-arms EVO304

-2x Lower A-arms EVO312

-1x Upper Left Side roll Center Adapter Plate EVO227L

-1x Upper Right Side Roll Center Adapter Plate EVO227R

-1x Bottom Plate with both roll center positions EVO311

-1x Left Front Upper Upright Spacer EVO103

-All Hardware needed for the update

We will be publishing a build and setup guide for the EVO2 in the near future, but in the mean time if you have any questions email: chogue@wcmracing.com